Purpose Finding

Purpose Finding

  • Not sure if you’re happy at your current job and wondering about your next career move?
  • No idea what your 5- and 10-year plans should be?
  • Finally just wanna know what it is you really want, what your soul really wants?

Your personal purpose

Call it what you want – soul purpose, life mission, Dharma – this concept is everywhere. Recruiters ask you for your life goals and 5-year plan, spiritual services offer workshops around this, and personal coaches help you discover your true motivation. There are multiple ways to figure this out but how should you choose and why is this even important?

Having a purpose vs. living with purpose

The idea that we can phrase our entire life journey in one handy mission statement is a pretty linear idea. It gives us a sense of security, if we have it. And it makes us feel anxious if we don’t have it. How are we supposed to figure out what we really, really want anyway? How do we know that it’s not just a manifestation of social conditioning and collective thought patterns, instead of our own, intrinsic soul purpose? And will we truly only find fulfilment and happiness if we have one?

My philosophy to support you on your discovery

I have found myself at this crossroads many times in my career. Where do I go from here? How do I know if I’m currently happy? What should I do next? So I’ve tried a lot of different ways to figure this out for myself. The approach I have created is an amalgamation of 3 different methods for discovering and living by your personal purpose.

1. Astrology

Did you know that your soul’s journey is etched into your birth chart? In our time together we will discover what astrology can tell you about your spiritual roots, where your soul came from, and what you get to release in order to move forward. We will also discover where you’re headed, if you embrace the unique qualities that make up your soul’s essence.

2. Purpose from your life’s story

According to Simon Sinek, “every person has a Why.” The concept follows the idea that there are underlying patterns in our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences that shape who we are and what we truly want. In a way, this is a way of looking into our immediate past to figure out which patterns govern our values and goals. It is a very logical, left-brain approach to finding your purpose and can, if not facilitated carefully enough, lead to misunderstandings. This is why I find it so important to practice caution and discernment when listening to your stories and finding the underlying patterns. We will do this process together and work through any misguided beliefs and any conditioning that doesn’t fell aligned for you.

3. Living Purposefully

This is the part of my concept that follows more of a Feminine approach of emotions and soul alignment. The idea is that if we feel too much pressure from having this one purpose statement to work towards, that if the idea of having only one big goal in life feels too daunting, then we just don’t have to go this route. Instead, what we will practice together are embodiment and meditations techniques that you can use on a regular basis to ask your soul what she wants. You will learn how to activate your intuition and how to listen to your gut instincts.

Intrigued by this approach?

Does this sound like something you would like to work on with me?

Are you ready to find out what you really want?

What my beautiful clients say

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was not aware how amazing it is to know your “why”.
It is not easy in a world with so many attractions and possibilities, to find out what really drives you, inspires and makes you happy. To describe this in one specific sentence seems be impossible.
Natalie went with me on an exciting but also emotional journey to find this out in just a few hours.
The result was impressive and has been part of my live since then.

Evelyn Czauderna

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Natalie has a very calm and caring personality.
This helped create a very warm and relaxing environment, in which it was easy to let go and tell my stories.
Her concept is a great possibility to get to know yourself even better!


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

You facilitated an extremely personal experience which uncovered behavior patterns that I was already suspecting but not fully aware of. You showed me a completely new interpretation of the underlying meaning of it all. My Why has always been with me, but your fine-grained phrasing really cleared up some residual confusion and showed me where my strengths really lie. Since our session, I’ve made conscious choices to look for professional development possibilities that are aligned with my Why. I feel much happier!


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Purpose Finding

In this 3-hour coaching session, you will receive: – a personal opening meditation – a safe, respectful container to be curious and vulnerable in – an analysis of your birth chart – your personal purpose statement – your soul purpose compass – a personal affirmation – routines and activations for your daily purpose living practice – the notes from our entire coaching session


Want even more?

There are more immersive ways we can work on your purpose and the integration of it into your daily life. Find out more or contact me for a free intro call!

Way Finding

If you’re wondering, “What now?”, I have just the thing for you: Way Finding. You already have an idea of your purpose or are already practicing your soul alignment, but you are not sure how to turn this into hands-on steps to take? In this 8-week journey, we will work on integrating this into your day-to-day life together.

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Way Finding

In this 8-week 1-on-1 coaching plan, you will receive: – an understanding of the themes and patterns that govern your life – clarity of your strengths, weaknesses, and core values – a new set of beliefs, by way of eliminating those old beliefs that have been holding you back – a guide to manifesting and calling in what is meant for you – a training on how to pitch yourself authentically – an accompanying workbook to download and keep – meditations and affirmations for the duration of the 8 weeks


Soul Purpose Package

Book both coaching plans, Purpose Finding and Way Finding, as a 10-week coaching plan,
and save 10%!

In total, we will work together for about 10 weeks. You will find your purpose in a kick-off session (about 3 hours long, virtual or in-person). You will then find your way, working on integrating this purpose into your life. I am supporting you with 4 bi-weekly scheduled sessions and a downloadable workbook.

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Soul Purpose Coaching Plan

In this 10-week 1-on1 coaching plan, you will receive: – everything included in the Purpose Finding coaching session + everything included in the Way Finding coaching plan!


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