Cycle Rewilding

Rewilding Your Menstrual Cycle

Do you ever get overwhelmed by weird mood or productivity changes that you just can’t explain?

Or do you suffer from PMS, cramping, or heavy periods? And do you have an otherwise successful – albeit very busy – life with which these annoying & painful cycle issues just interfere negatively?

Rewilding our menstrual cycle is such a necessary part of reclaiming our true wild nature:

  • Reconnecting to our body intelligence
  • Rewriting our shame, fear & pain stories into powerful anthems of strength and surrender
  • Reclaiming our innate cyclical nature as a sacred reminder of when to go and when to pause

If you’re looking for a tool to get started, I highly recommend the Baba Yaga – Cycle Advisor.

Baba Yaga – Cycle Advisor

Baba Yaga is your personal menstrual health guide empowering you with daily cycle superpowers. Everything you need to live in sync with your menstrual cycle in one place – easy mood and period tracking, powerful monthly pattern analysis, and daily holistic wellness tips, based on your menstrual cycle phases. Think: science-backed cycle advice meets daily hormone horoscope to truly empower you to live your best cyclical life.

Simply track your last period and start receiving insights into what makes each day of your cycle special and how you can balance your energy and hormones. Baba Yaga combines ancestral wisdom and holistic well-being practices with science and medical research to help you integrate your day-to-day life into your personal hormone patterns. Understand your fertility, recognize your unique monthly patterns, learn to read your body’s signals, practice mindfulness, plan your life according to each cycle phase’s strengths & weaknesses, and set healthy boundaries in your life. Baba Yaga is your personal cheerleader-guide-coach-fairy-godmother.