Feminine Wounding

Feminine Wounding

  • Do you often feel insecure around other wom*n?
  • Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough?
  • Do you feel disconnected from nature, from your body, from your true power?

On the level of the Collective Unconscious, the most common feminine wounding relates to the Triple Goddess. Such wounds do not refer to personal trauma such as physical or emotional abuse. Rather, they refer to collective belief systems and intergenerational trauma responses that get passed down through our ancestral lineage and past lives.

Who is the Triple Goddess?

The Triple Goddess is feminine divinity in all of us. She is the unification of three basic feminine archetypal energies: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. At their core, the heroine’s journey, the feminine coming of age story, and wom*n reclaiming their innate power, can all be broken down into these three energies. Maiden, Mother, and Crone describe the endless life-death-rebirth cycle which governs all of creation.

The wounding to such deep energies refers to our shadow aspects & intergenerational trauma that we carry in each of these three archetypes.

The Maiden & the Sister Wound

The Maiden is closely connected to the Inner Child, our innocence, and our Wild Woman nature. The feminine wounding we often experience in this area is the Sister Wound. This wound, when left unhealed, can block your immense capacity for truth telling and curiosity.

The Mother & the Mother Hunger

The Mother is connected to our literal mother line, but also to our own mothering nature and creation power. She is Queen, Warrioress, and Lover, all tied up in one. The feminine wounding that often presents around this archetype is called the Mother Wound. This wound, when left untouched, can block your creative and life-giving powers.

The Crone & the Witch Wound

The Crone is the most misunderstood archetype – at least in classical and pop-culture. Old witches are often depicted as bad witches doing “black magic”. But her energy is really one of a fairy godmother. She is wisdom, intuitive seeing, and the understanding all of life. She is Witch, Medicine Woman, and Priestess. The feminine wounding in this archetype runs deep and is called the Witch Wound. This wound, when left untreated, can block your capacity to form true connection to self and others.

I’ve Been There

I have been where you are. After my own personal moment of clarity, and once I had completed my first year of coaching and regular healing sessions, I decided to go deeper. I had done a lot of work on my personal wounds and felt ready to address more collective topics. Some of the things I identified were these:

  • I still felt blocked to speak my truth in politically charged conversations with others.
  • I was still afraid to put myself out there when I first had the idea to start my own business.
  • I still felt like a total imposter because I wasn’t “done” healing yet or because I didn’t have a formal teacher training yet.
  • I still had deep issues with my own mother and couldn’t find a way to work through them with her.
  • I still struggled in my romantic life, getting unconsciously triggered left-right-&-center by my new partner.

If any of these points struck a chord within you as well, you might be ready to work on your Triple Goddess Wounding. I created this 3-session coaching plan just for you!

Healing the Triple Goddess Wound

I will teach you how to heal these wounds in these 5 steps:

  • Acceptance of your emotions, even such feelings that can’t be rationally explained.
  • Stress relief and nervous system regulation in those emotional moments.
  • Journaling practices to help your brain catch up to your somatic experience.
  • Connection to nature: your own cyclical nature and Mother Nature around you.
  • Reclamation of your truth: learn to rewrite your story ad set healthy boundaries.

What You Will Receive

  • One free 20-minute introductory call in which we get to know each other: you get to ask me any question and we discover what you’d like to focus these sessions on.
  • Three individual, 1-on-1 coaching sessions via private Zoom calls. You and I make the appointments together in our intro call.
  • Each these three coaching sessions is centered around one aspect of the Triple Goddess Wound: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.
  • One cheatsheet (printable pdf) of additional information, practices, and rituals for each of these wounds for you to keep.
  • Access to the wide range of knowledge, tools, and practices I’ve learned over the years: breathwork, meditation, embodiment, shadow work journaling, and nature connecting practices.

Get ready

  1. to step into your authentic truth and reclaim your feminine power
  2. to learn the practices to become the steward of your own healing journey
  3. to start trusting other wom*n again and open up to true connection

Does this resonate with you? Book your coaching package with me below and get started on your healing journey! I will contact you with the next steps usually within one day.

Triple Goddess Coaching Package


Disclaimer: If you suffer from acute personal trauma or any type of active post-traumatic distress, I do not suggest that you start here, on the level of the unconscious. I am not certified as a trauma coach and cannot support you on this healing journey, yet. I will happily suggest resources to you, if you contact me here.

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