Grounding & Centering

Grounding & Centering

The collective craziness in this World over the last couple of months cannot be underestimated any longer. As we’re going on two years of the pandemic, it is becoming clear that humanity’s problems are just becoming worse… Some of us are clamoring for the return of the “old normal” – a paradigm I personally hope we never enter again. Yet, as recent global events are proving to us, we seem to be headed to an ever-more distorted version of the “old normal” right now.

However, the collective fear and insecurity that the first few days of the pandemic have brought to us is not resolved or dealt with in a healthy way. If anything, it has just grown over the last few months and the effects are becoming more and more palpable for everyone. Aggression, paralysis, stress, and overwhelm are rampant everywhere. These fearbased reactions – if not addressed and healed – can lead to long-term effects in all of us. Sometimes, we feel these emotions as if they weren’t even our own. That is because we are social animals, living in a World in which everything is connected. We can feel our partners’, friends’, neighbors’, and even strangers’ emotions – especially when they are heightened.

So, how can we address and heal them? And how can we work towards healing those around us? By grounding and centering ourselves as much as possible. Remember that you can always find energy, love, and light in Mumma Gaia. And you can always transform it in yourself to create your own version of energy, love, and light to bring out into the World.

Today, I’m sharing my personal grounding and centering practice with you.

  • Meditate as often as you need to. These times require us to stay within our Selves.
  • Work through the workbook if you feel called to. I’ve collected a few of my favorite journaling prompts for you to get started on processing what’s happening for you.
  • Engage in some of the activities listed if they resonate with you. They will really drive the feeling home.

I look forward to how this practice feels for you! I’m also happy to hear your own practices for tough times of overwhelm and confusion. Please share below if you feel called to.

Stay wild & take good cafe of yourself, Nat



Grounding & Centering Meditation